Loss Control and Safety Management Program
In conjunction with the General Contractor, we will develop a master loss control plan that is specific to the project, and specify loss control program responsibilities for a) owner, b) construction manager, c) contractors and subcontractors.
In addition,we will develop, staff, and implement a project loss control program to include the following elements:
A pre- construction survey program.
Present safety information at pre-construction meeting as needed.
Coordinate job site surveys and services between client's safety personnel, carrier loss control personnel, and safety administrator.
Review current safety manuals for use in this program; modify and update as needed.
Develop a construction safety incentive program for the contractors.
Coordinate and administer annual safety recognition ceremony for contractors.
Institute a detailed training and safety inspection program.
Conduct safety training programs at each site covering:
Hazardous substance control training program.
A 10- hour OSHA training for project superintendents and foremens.
Monitor job site for contractor compliance with safety program.
“Audit” each General Contractor's safety program, employee orientation, and training.
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